August 10, 2017

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How we work

Thanks to tremendous support of our partners and the project model,
$1 of your donations enables us to ship to Ukraine
$25-27 of medical equipment and supplies.
Process preparing for a new shipment
Project CURE, our supply partner, collects surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals in different areas of the USA, and stocks them in their warehouses.
Our volunteer, certified by Project CURE, goes to Ukraine and performs in-person assessment of Ukrainian recipient hospitals’ needs. The volunteer works with the head doctors and business managers of recipient hospitals to ensure that the hospitals have trained MDs and existing infrastructure to work with the medical equipment provided by our non-profit.
“Support Hospitals in Ukraine” raises $25,000 per container to fund operational expenses.
Upon receipt of the funds, Project CURE packs a 40-ft container by matching receiving hospital’s request (compiled by a certified volunteer in conjunction with senior receiving hospital staff) and inventory on hand.
Once the supplies are selected, the final packing list is sent to the customs broker of our registered partner non-profit in Ukraine, who uses it to get humanitarian aid duty-free designation for the contents of the container from the Ukrainian government.
The container is shipped by sea, clears customs duty-free in Ukraine, and is released to the recipient hospitals. Hospitals’ officials sign receipt paperwork. A volunteer from “Support Hospitals in Ukraine” goes to each recipient hospital to ensure proper equipment transfer and ongoing follow-up.


March 18, 2024

New Medical Aid to Ukraine in 2024

This aid package includes cutting-edge medical equipment and supplies that will be delivered to seven major medical facilities in Kyiv, Dnipro, and Lviv to provide assistance to children, women, the elderly, low-income individuals, veterans.

For more information, check out this post on LinkedIn.

Thank you from Ukraine!
September 21, 2023

Thank you from Ukraine!

During the address to the people of the United States of America at the US National Archives in Washington, D.C., President Zelenskyy expressed his gratitude to Americans for their support of Ukraine.

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August 1, 2023

Medical aid delivered to OKHMATDYT (Kyiv)

We delivered humanitarian medical aid to Ukraine’s largest children’s specialized hospital. The cargo includes a range of essential medical equipment and durable goods, strengthening the hospital’s capacity to provide top-notch healthcare services to its young patients.

For more information, see our Facebook page.

June 7, 2023

Humanitarian Medical Aid Delivered to Dnipro

The medical cargo comprises state-of-the-art medical equipment and essential supplies specifically targeted to enhance trauma care and surgical interventions. For more information, see our Facebook page.