Humanitarian Cargo Delivered to Zhytomyr Children Hospital

Zhytomyr Children Hospital received humanitarian medical cargo delivered from the USA. The cargo included such valuable equipment and supplies as medical monitors, air-heated pad warmer, bili light, lab centrifuge, cribs, oximeter, general surgical instrument kits, and many more. For more information see Facebook.  

Medical Cargo Delivered to Zhytomyr Veteran Rehab Center

Today the humanitarian medical cargo was delivered to Zhytomyr Veteran Rehab Center. Special therapy furniture, misc / utility carts, hydrocollator, adult wheelchairs, treadmill, humidifier, scale, and many more were transferred to the rehab center free of charge. For more information see Facebook.

Medical Cargo Delivered to Irpin Military Hospital

Today a 40-ft container with humanitarian medical cargo has been delivered to the Irpin Military Hospital, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine. The cargo included such valuable equipment as an endoscopy tower, ICU beds, clinical and ICU/surgery monitors, surgical instrument kits, BiPAP and CPAP units, and many more. This equipment is urgently needed at this medical facility to[…]

Medical Cargo Delivered to “Okhmatdyt” (Lviv)

Lviv Regional Children’s Hospital “OKHMATDYT” (Львівська Обласна Дитяча Клінічна Лікарня Охматдит) became the latest recipient of medical cargo from Support Hospitals in Ukraine. On October 4, 2019, we delivered the cargo valued US$ 0.4 million to the largest children’s hospital in Western Ukraine. The cargo had range of valuable equipment and supplies such as EKG[…]

Visit to Dnipro Regional Hospital Mechnikov

Vitaliy Dubil from Support Hospitals in Ukraine visited Dnipro Regional Hospital Mechnikov, where he had a meeting with Chief MD and leading surgeons. The goal of the visit was to discuss the current situation in the hospital, as well as examine the equipment that was delivered by Support Hospitals in Ukraine in 2014-2018. For more[…]

Two 40-ft Containers Shipped to Ukraine

The latest two containers of Support Hospitals in Ukraine (#5 & 6) with humanitarian medical cargo were successfully loaded and shipped to Ukraine on June 14, 2019. The cargo will be delivered to four hospitals in Ukraine – two children’s and two military/veterans. The valuable equipment includes an endoscopy tower, special medical monitors, ICU beds, numerous surgery[…]

MoU with the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA

H.E. Ambassador Valeriy Chaly and Vitaliy Dubil signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA and “Support Hospitals in Ukraine”. The goal of the Memorandum is to strengthen cooperation between the humanitarian project and the Embassy to deliver valuable medical equipment from the USA to hospitals in Ukraine in the[…]

A grant from NGO “United Help Ukraine”

Support Hospitals in Ukraine received a grant for US$ 17,000. This amount was raised by NGO “United Help Ukraine” with support from H.E Ambassador Valeriy Chaly, diplomats and staff of the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA. The funds will be used to deliver valuable medical equipment and supplies to the Irpyn Military Hospital (Kyiv[…]

Partnership with UNWLA

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Support Hospitals in Ukraine and the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA). This collaboration will enable the support and development of health care services in Ukraine focused on women, adolescents, and children. For more information see Facebook

Two New Shipments Are Planned for Summer 2019

We are glad to announce that this summer “Support Hospitals in Ukraine” in partnership with NGOs from the USA, Canada, and Ukraine, will deliver to Ukraine two 40-ft containers with humanitarian medical cargo. The aid will go to two children and two military hospitals in Kyiv, L’viv and Zhytomyr. For more information see Facebook